Website Translation

Daxinya Translation offers website translation in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and any other language so that your products and services can be discovered and used by people around the world.  Our translators also know HTML, PHP, ASP, JAVA, XML, Flash and other programs.

Website Translation Made Easy

When you contact us about translating your website into other languages, we will need to know some information.  There are a lot of details to consider before we begin.  These are the questions to think about which we will need to discuss before we start developing your quote:  

  • How Is the Current Website Created?  Is the website in HTML, PHP, ASP?  Or, is your website build using a CMS (Content Management System)?  Is the text in a database and the pages built on the fly?
  • Is Everything Being Translated?  That might sound like a weird question, but if you take a close look at your website, there are probably archived files, PDF files, old press releases, products which wouldn't be popular in another country and other information which really shouldn't be translated.  We charge "per word" for translation and "per page" for HTML editing.  Taking a close look at this can save you lots of money. 
  • What About the Graphics?  If there are graphics to be translated, does your team want to edit the graphics or should we?  We charge "per graphic" for editing graphics with the new translated text.
  • What About Links to Other Sections?  Other Sites?  You might have links which go to a "Members Only" section.  Does that section get translated?  Or, if you have links which go to another site you own, will that be translated?
  • Translate Videos, PDFs, Downloadable Files?  Some websites have dozens of files which people can download.  Each file can contain thousands of words.  All things to consider if they should be translated.
  • Edit Layout and Formatting?  Once the files are translated, should we go through and adjust the layout and formatting for the new language?  This would be an additional charge if we edit the pages.  Or, this might be something your website designer can do.
  • Translate Meta Tags?  For SEO (search engine optimization), it's a good idea to translate the title, keywords and page description for each language.  This way, Google, Yahoo or Bing can find the translated website and pages as well.
  • Are You Targeting Certain Countries?  We realize that when you have web pages on the "world wide web" your pages will be seen around the world.  But, if you are targeting a particular country or region, we might want to localize your website for that country.  For example, if you need French, but it's mainly to be used for Canada, we will want to translate your website into "French-Canadian" so that it's localized for Canada.
  • Language Flags / Links?  How will you introduce other languages to your website visitors?  Will you use country flags or language links on the home page?
  • Future Website Edits?  As you edit the English website, you will likely want to update the other languages as well.  It's most cost-effective if you can do several edits at one time.  That way, we can incorporate several of the changes per page which is faster and will save some time and money.
  • Customer Service?  Surprisingly, some people forget about this point.  If you translate your website into another language to increase sales, if people from another country call or E-mail you, will someone be able to help them in their native language?
  • When Do You Need Translated Website?  This whole process can take some time, especially the first time we translate your website.  Think of how long it took to write and build your original website.  It won't take that long, but there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle as you can see with the above list of questions.  If you're trying to hit certain dates, we need to know.
  • Good Idea for a Sample.  Before we start working on the entire website, we would prefer to do a quick sample back and forth to make sure we have the right translator and the right process so this works best for all of us.  We can arrange to do a short sample to take a look at things before the project gets too serious.

Free Translation Quote

Interested in Website Translation?  Once we discuss the questions above, we offer a free, no-obligation quote so you can how affordable it is to have your website translated into other languages. Please contact us today.