Translation Process

A custom process will be created, tailored to your project's individual requirements. Our basic formula for the translation phase involves multiple linguists and quality assurance procedures to ensure the most accurate translation.

The basic linguistic and project management phases are outlined here for you:

  • Project Analysis:Your Account Manager will assess your specific project needs: Languages required, electronic formatting, timeframes, review by someone within your organization. This preliminary discussion will help us design the best strategy to complete your project to your specifications
  • Project Mobilization:Upon receipt of your approval, our team will initialize your project. We will create schedules; research and allocate linguists best suited for your needs, begin formatting and creating templates for final layout of your project.
  • Linguistic Procedures: Checks and crosschecks are imperative to creating the most linguistically and culturally accurate document for you. We use a system of Translation, Editing, and Proofreading, Formatting, and Re-Proofing to guarantee our best final product to you.
  • Translation: Our translators are all native speaking, professionally certified linguists. Your document will be translated by someone specialized in the subject matter as well. Engineers translate engineering, medical experts do medical, writers do literary and so on.
  • Editing: The next phase of the linguistic process is to have the material edited again only by native speaking, professionally certified linguists with expertise in your subject matter.
  • Proofreading: Proofreading is done to ensure that all elements of the newly translated document are accurate and that the original elements exist in the new version.
  • Desk Top Publishing: Now the document is ready for layout. The electronic publishers create a new language version of your document mirroring the original. Many rounds of scrupulous checks and crosschecks ensure a virtual double of the original.
  • Post-Layout Proofing: One final linguistic review before our internal Quality Assurance Processes are put into action. A linguist will compare the two documents and again check to see that all elements are in place and correct.
  • QA: Our team of managers initiates a final review and format check to guarantee the highest quality of your document.
  • Delivery: Your Account Manager will compile disks; electronic files, hardcopies and other related materials and deliver them to you. Your project is complete!
  • *Client Reviews: Your Account Manager will schedule a linguistic review by someone in your organization upon your request. The files will be forwarded to your team member and we will work with them to make any official edits requested.

Free Translation Quote

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