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Daxinya Translation offers many different services to complete your project in whatever language you need.  From educational videos to marketing brochures to international websites; we have the people and know-how to communicate your business to the world.

Global Communication Services

  • Audio Voiceover.  If you have a training video or business presentation which needs to be spoken in a different language, we have voiceover artists who can provide an audio track of your translated text in their native language.  We can provide the audio in MP3 or WAV formats.  If you need us to incorporate it into a Flash file, QuickTime or DVD, our audio specialists can help with that as well.
  • Desktop Publishing.  Your marketing brochures, postcards, catalogs, newsletters and magazines can all be typeset into the translated languages.  We can then provide high-res PDF files ready for your printer to print.  This ensures your documents are error-free and saves you from having to stumble through a foreign language or find a multilingual typesetter or designer to finish your project. 
  • DVD Subtitling.  We've all seen the movies from another country where the text has been translated and subtitled so that we understand what is going on.  We can do that for your education video, movie or drama.  If your company has international locations, this is a good way to train and present new programs, safety features or company policies.  We will handle the translation, subtitling files and even provide a new DVD with the subtitles already in place, ready for distribution. 
  • Interpreting.  Some people need an interpreter to help communicate during a meeting, court hearing, conference, seminar, or business presentations.  We have interpreters in different languages who specialize in various topics.
  • Website Translation.  With the power of the internet, you can sell your products and services around the world.  That is, if it's translated into other languages besides English.  We have translators who work with HTML, PHP, ASP, CMS, Flash and other program types. 
  • Document Translation. Translation services provide Translation Cloud strives to provide reliable document translation services of the highest caliber, and at a competitive price. All capable translation experts working with Translation Cloud bring a great deal of experience and variety to each translation services project.
  • Translation Process. A custom process will be created, tailored to your project's individual requirements. Our basic formula for the translation phase involves multiple linguists and quality assurance procedures to ensure the most accurate translation.

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Need Additional Services for Your Translation?  We offer a free, no-obligation quote so you can how affordable it is to have your translation ready to be printed.  Please contact us today.

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