Legal Translation

Daxinya Translation will translate your contracts, court proceedings and patents into any language.  We have translators who specialize in translating legal documents.  Our goal is for the reader to not even know your document was translated from a previous language.

All Types of Legal Translation

  • Contract Translation.  All businesses use and protect themselves with multiple contracts.  If you are working with international companies, these contracts either need to be translated into their language or translated so you can read them.  Our legal translators will translate your documents so both sides understand every last detail.
  • Court Proceedings Translation.  We can translate court proceedings so everyone involved with a particular case has a thorough knowledge of every detail in their native language.
  • Patent Translation.  Patent translation is a mixture of technical translation along with the legal details which are filed with the government.  Our patent translators have a broad knowledge of legal terms, engineering/technical terms and their native language so everything is translated correctly from country to country.

Why Use Daxinya Translation?

  • Specialized Translators.  We have access to thousands of experienced legal translators who specialize in all types of subjects and languages.
  • Every Translation Proofread.  Once your translation is finished, a second translator will review the translation against the original for grammatical errors, typos and meaning.
  • Certified Translators.  Most of our translators are certified by translation associations throughout the world.  For instance, many translators here in the United States have been certified by the American Translators Association.  Many legal documents need to be translated by a certified translator and presented with notarized documents.  We offer both.  Certified documents can be slightly higher depending on the language and availability of the translators.

Free Translation Quote

Need Legal Translations?   We offer a free, no-obligation quote so you can how affordable it is to have your legal documents translated into other languages.  Please contact us today.