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Daxinya Translation offers language translation in all of the languages around the world.  We have access to thousands of experienced linguists who will translate your documents into whatever language you need — from the most popular to one many have never heard of.

Our Most Popular Languages...

There are approximately 7,000 languages in the world today.  Obviously, we only hear about a handful of these because they are so popular.  For instance, Chinese is the most used language in the world with over 1.3 billion speakers.  But, there are some other languages which are important but as well known.  Like Slovenian which is spoken in the country of Slovenia by 2.4 million people.

Here are the most popular languages we work with.  These languages are the most competitive and generally there are more choices of specialized translators and better pricing.  For more details, click on one of the specific languages below.

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Here is a list of our most popular links highlighting our main services.  We translate all types of documents into any language and offer supporting services to distribute your message around the world.

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