English to Japanese Translation

Daxinya Translation will translate your technical, engineering, marketing and general documents from English into Japanese.  We have Japanese translators who specialize in every industry.  They understand both the language and the topic being translated.
  • Thousands of Japanese Translators Available.  We have access to thousands of experienced Japanese translators in different countries who specialize in all types of subjects.
  • Every Translation Proofread.  Once your translation is finished, a second translator will review the translation against the original for grammatical errors, typos and meaning.
  • We Charge "Per Word" Translated.  The most common question is “how much will this cost?” We charge “per word” based on the word count of the original document.
  • Translate about 2,000 Words Per Day.  Another question is “how long will it take?” On average, each Japanese translator can accurately translate about 2,000 words per day.
  • Business Translations Start at $30-50.  If you have 200 words or less to translate, our price is $30-50 per language.

Do You Need This Typeset?  And Other Questions We Ask...

When someone requests a quote to translate their documents into Japanese, we ask a few questions such as the following:
  • Do You Need The Japanese Typeset?  If you are using the Japanese in another program besides Microsoft Word, do you want us to typeset and finalize the files for the printer or website?  Japanese fonts can cause problems on regular computers.  We offer DTP and website design to finalize your Japanese documents.
  • Metric Conversion.  If the Japanese translation is going to be used in Japan, most likely any measurements should be converted to the metric system.  In fact, the United States, Burma and Liberia are the only countries in the world who do not use metrics.
  • Is the Original File in Microsoft Word?  Translating in Microsoft Word is the easiest and most cost-effective.  We also work with many different file formats — PDF, PowerPoint, Quark, InDesign — on both the PC and Mac.

Japanese to English Translation

You may have a Japanese document which needs translated into English.  We offer Japanese to English translation as well.  You might be looking at all of the Japanese characters and wondering how many English words it will create.  As a general rule, two Japanese characters equals one English word.  So, if you have 1,000 Japanese characters in a document, it will be approximately 500 English words.  We charge "per character" when we are translating from Japanese into English.

Facts About Japanese

The Japanese language developed out of the Chinese character set in the 4th century.  In fact, many Asian languages started out borrowing heavily from the Chinese words and characters before becoming their own unique language.
  • 130 million people in the world speak Japan as their first language.
  • In the United States, about 480,000 people primarily speak Japanese.
  • Tokyo with a population of 35 million is the largest metropolitan area in the world.
  • The United States exports $67 billion of goods to Japan second only to Canada.

Free Translation Quote

Need English to Japanese Translations?  We offer a free, no-obligation quote so you can how affordable it is to have your document or website translated into Japanese.  Please contact us today.