Daxinya Translation offers interpreting for your conference, seminar, lecture or court case.  We will do our best to find interpreters for your language, during the time frame you request, whether it be in Indianapolis, Central Indiana, or anywhere around the world. 

How Does This Work?

  • Consecutive Interpreting.  This is when the original speaker says a sentence, then the interpreter repeats that sentence in a different language.  It goes back and forth until the message is communicated.  Intended for small groups, sales meetings, product demos and individual conversations.
  • Simultaneous Interpreting.  For a large conference or speech, this is when the original speaker is talking and the interpreter repeats the same thing in a different language seconds later to those with listening devices hearing with the interpreter says.  You will see these in court cases or international political meetings.
  • Court Interpreting.  If you need an interpreter to help communicate with the courts, we have legal interpreters who are certified court interpreters in a variety of different languages. 
  • Equipment.  Depending on your needs and setup, we may need to talk about the amount of equipment which will be required and if your venue is setup for the proper type of interpreting, especially if it's simultaneous interpreting (both languages being spoken continuously). 
  • Advance Scheduling.  Good interpreters are generally very busy and their schedules fill up quickly.  It's important to schedule as soon as you know the dates and times.  Also, it may take a little bit of time to find a specialized interpreter for a particular language in your desired area.  With some languages and specialties, local interpreters who are available can be difficult to find.

What We Need to Know...

When someone requests a quote for interpreting, we need to know as many details as possible before we can start seeing who is available:
  • Language Requested?  We will need to know the exact language you need.  That includes regional differences as well such as "French-Canadian" vs. "French for France".  Or, "Brazilian Portuguese" vs. "European Portuguese".
  • What Is the Topic?  We want to make sure we have the best interpreter who is suited for your particular event.  Obviously, if you need an interpreter for a medical conference, you would want an interpreter who knows and understands medical terminology and concepts.  Please provide as much detail as possible.
  • Dates / Times Requested?  Most interpreters have special "full day" and "half day" rates.  They also may require additional time for lunch, traveling and preparation.  Each case is different.  Our goal is to supply you with the best interpreter while minimizing the expenses and cost.
  • Pre-Meeting Materials Available?  So that our interpreter is prepared and comfortable with the situation, he or she would like to review any documentation, agenda, presentations, handouts and outlines before the meeting.  This will help ensure that both you and the interpreter are totally ready for the event.
  • Please Describe Setting / Event.  In addition to reviewing the materials, any information you can provide the interpreter regarding the audience, room, style of meeting, speaker, etc. would be very helpful.
  • Consecutive or Simultaneous Interpreting?  We will need to know if the interpreting will be either "consecutive" or "simultaneous" as described above.  If this is a long event and "simultaneous" interpreting is required, we may need more than one interpreter so they can trade-off and have breaks.  Simultaneous interpreting is very draining as you are constantly listening to the speaker, instantly translating the words in your head, and then speaking the translated words to the listener - all being done continuously. 

Free Translation Quote

Need Interpreting?  We offer a free, no-obligation quote so you can how affordable it is to have your meetings interpreted for participants in other languages.  Please contact us today.