Engineering Translation

Daxinya Translation will professionally translate your engineering manuals and documents into Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and more.  We have translators who specialize in translating engineering documents.  The translators know it's important that the translation be accurate and applicable for the country and culture where it will be used.

All Types of Engineering Translation

  • Chemical Engineering Translation
  • Civil Engineering Translation
  • Electrical Engineering Translation
  • Industrial Engineering Translation
  • Mechanical Engineering Translation
  • Petroleum Engineering Translation

Why Use Daxinya Translation?

  • Translators Who Specialize in Engineering.  We have access to thousands of experienced translators including those who specialize in translating engineering documents in all languages.
  • Every Translation Proofread.  Once your translation is finished, a second translator will review the translation against the original for grammatical errors, typos and meaning.
  • Free Translation Sample.  Before we start translating a large project, we suggest that our translator translate a couple of pages for your review. You can review the translation sample to make sure we have the best translator for your project and he/she matches your expectations. This will give everyone peace of mind as we move forward.
  • Project Teams.  On average, each translator can accurately translate 2,000 words per day. You may need your project done sooner than that. For large projects, we can assemble a team of translators with a common editor to review the translation for consistency when finished. This works best if there are multiple documents which can be translated simultaneously.
  • Volume Discounts.  Large manuals can easily be tens of thousands of words. As the projects get larger, we offer volume discounts so the average price per word gets smaller.
  • Repetition Discounts.  Our translation memory program will flag terms and phrases which are used repeatedly in a document. Instead of translating the same words over and over again, the program notifies the translator who approves the previously used translation. Each time this happens we offer a 50% discount on the repeated words.
  • Multiple Language Discount.  On larger projects, we offer a multiple language discount. If your engineering manual needs translated into several languages, we can save time by getting everything organized at the beginning and pass those savings onto you.

Free Translation Quote

Need Engineering Translations?   We offer a free, no-obligation quote so you can how affordable it is to have your engineering documents translated into other languages.  Please contact us today.