DVD Subtitling

Daxinya Translation offers DVD Subtitling so that your educational and entertainment videos can be enjoyed by people around the world, regardless of their language.

How Does This Work?

  • Time Codes.  Each video needs to be time coded so that the subtitles appear on the screen at precisely the exact time the phrases and sentences are being spoken.  Our production specialists review the video and script second by second so they know how many seconds each translated phrase or sentence can be on the screen.
  • Subtitle Translation.  Once the video and script has been timed out, the translators then translate the words in just the right amount of words per original voice so that the pace of the subtitles isn't too hurried and matches the flow of the visuals on the screen.
  • Review / Edited.  Once the subtitles are completed and lined up with the original video, the final product is reviewed and edited so that the final product is very professional and is a pleasant experience for the end user.
  • Create Final DVD?  After our part is finished, then we need to know what to provide.  Should we put the subtitle track on a DVD for you to integrate with your video?  Will you give us the editable video files and we can place the subtitle track on top to create a new DVD to be used as a master?

What We Need to Know...

If you have a professional video file which needs to be subtitled, there are a few questions we need to ask before we can proceed with our quote:
  • Do You Have a Script?  Part of our overall price will be based on the number of words translated.  Will you have the script in a Microsoft Word file?  There will be an added cost if we need to transcribe the video by typing out all of the content first before we can do the translation and subtitling. 
  • What Country or Region Are You Targeting?  We want to make sure we have the correct culture and type of language.  For instance, there are three different types of Chinese to consider - Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Cantonese.  All will make a difference in what is said and how it's written on the screen.
  • What File Format Do You Need?  We can give you the translations in an Excel file timed out to match the English.  Or, it may be easier to give us your original application files where we can add the subtitling as an additional track or layer in the file.  After we do that, we will make sure the subtitles sync with the visuals and edit accordingly.  When finished, we will create a final DVD to use as your master.  

Free Translation Quote

Need DVD Subtitles?  We offer a free, no-obligation quote so you can how affordable it is to provide your DVD in all different languages.  Please contact us today.