Client Testimonials

We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our clients over the years for the quality of our work and our commitment to their success. Below are a few testimonials from a sampling of our clients:

Translation of scientific textbooks requires absolute accuracy for a discerning readership. Daxinya Translation were called in when my original academically based translators of books about programming languages had dropped out, and we sought a reliable translation resource to produce second editions.

- CEO of Integreon

Daxinya Translation' s resourceful approach meant that they were able to meet our budgets and accurately match the terminology of the original works by the ingenious use of translation memory technology. The books' progress through translation to production was smooth and trouble-free. And they struck up a good rapport with my authors.

- Founder & CEO of Sandel Medical Industries

I was impressed by Daxinya Translation' technical accuracy and fast turnaround.

- VP Product Management of Learnframe

I was impressed by Daxinya Translation' technical accuracy and fast turnaround.Daxinya Translation exclusively translated our monthly technical bulletin into European languages for several years. The footwear industry is very specialised but Daxinya Translation mastered the technical vocabulary to our overseas partners' complete satisfaction. The deadlines were often tight but they always came up with the results.

- Editor, Xinhua Magazine

Daxinya Translation has for many years been a very reliable partner both for general translations and for scientific texts. As well as their perfectly produced translations, we value the quick and efficient handling of our orders.

- Founder & CEO of Great Expectations,Inc.

As subcontractors for a vast oil and gas project in China, we had to get hundreds of documents, spreadsheets and CAD drawings translated into Chinese. Daxinya Translation produced the material on time and in accordance with our client's stringent QA procedures. Their prices were very competitive and came in well below our budget.

- Quality Manager, SINOPEC

We chose Daxinya Translation for the first phase of the project by way of a competitive tender. When we were awarded the contract for a second phase we naturally turned to Daxinya Translation again as our preferred partner. This second translation stage lasted for over two years.

- CEO of Brand Velocity, Inc.