Christian Translation

Daxinya Translation will translate your Christian book, church website or devotional into Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and more.  We have Christian translators who specialize in carefully translating your Christian materials for your church or organization.

All Types of Christian Translation

  • Christian Book Translation.  Our Christian translators will carefully translate your Christian books into another language.  They realize how important it is to accurately translate the theology and underlying message which is at the heart of every Christian publication.
  • Church Website Translation.  Does your church want to reach out to your multilingual community using the internet?  Our Christian translators will translate your church website into another language to help spread your message to the communicate around you.
  • Devotional Translation.  If you have devotionals, prayers or poems which need carefully translated into another language, our experienced Christian translators will accurately translate the text into an easy-to-understand language.  We will also work with you to determine the best translation of the Bible to be used in the translated language.
  • Sermon Translation.  If you have sermons, messages or educational materials which need translated into another language, our translators will translate them for your targeted audience whether it's in your neighborhood or around the world.

Why Use Daxinya Translation?

  • Christian Translators.  We have access to experienced translators who are Christians and have studied the Bible with many having attended seminary.
  • Every Translation Proofread.  Once your translation is finished, a second translator will review the translation against the original for grammatical errors, typos and meaning.
  • Free Translation Sample.  Before we start translating a large project, we suggest that our translator translate a couple of pages for your review. You can review the translation sample to make sure we have the best translator for your project and he/she matches your expectations. This will give everyone peace of mind as we move forward.
  • Multiple Language Discount.  On larger projects, we offer a multiple language discount. If your booklet needs translated into several languages, we can save time by getting everything organized at the beginning and pass those savings onto you.

Free Translation Quote

Need Christian Translations?  We offer a free, no-obligation quote so you can how affordable it is to have your Christian documents translated into other languages.  Please contact us today.