Audio Voiceover

Daxinya Translation offers audio voiceover so that your translations are ready to be distributed on podcasts, video, Flash and DVDs.  We can place the audio in a MP3 or WAV file for you to use in your program.  Or, we can take your original file and edit in the translated vocal to produce a final version.

How Does This Work?

  • Voiceover Talent.  We have access to a wide-range of voiceover talent in all different languages.  And within each language, we have voiceover artists who are male, female, young, old, children, seniors, casual, and professional.  There are voiceover artists with different dialects along with those who work in technical and specialized fields.  Chances are we have the right voiceover artist for your particular project.
  • Studio Time.  While audio voiceover can be done on any computer in a home setting, it may lack the true professional quality that only a studio can provide.  In a studio, the correct bass, treble and tone is monitored through high-end microphones and production equipment.  Plus, you won't hear phones ringing or dogs barking in the background.
  • Producer, Director.  In addition to the voiceover talent, there needs to be someone who can hear the audio voiceover with the ears of your listener.  Is it too fast?  Are the words clear?  Does it make sense?  How is the tone?  This means that the voiceover talent may need to read the text many different times until it sounds just right. 
  • Final Editing.  Once the final voice tracks have been captured, everything is listened to again and any final editing within the software is made to produce the best audio track, regardless of the language.
  • MP3, WAV, Flash, DVD.  At this point, the options are endless.  With digital technology, the audio track can be saved in any format or archived to different media. 

What We Need to Know...

Before we can fully quote on your audio voiceover project, there are many different things we need to know.  Here is a list of some of the questions we will ask:
  • What Is the Audio Used For?
  • What Type of Voiceover Artist Do You Want?  Male, Female, Child, Teen, Senior...
  • Conversation or Narrative?  Some audio pieces are conversations between two or more people.  In these cases, we will need multiple voiceover artists.  Others are narratives where someone just explains what is going on behind the scenes. 
  • How Long Is Your Video?
  • What Country or Region Are You Targeting?  We want to make sure we have the correct culture and dialect.  Just like the difference between New Orleans and New York - we want to make sure it matches you target audience perfectly.
  • What File Format Do You Need?  Do you need a MP3, WAV, DVD?

Free Translation Quote

Need Audio Voiceover for your project? We offer a free, no-obligation quote so you can how affordable it is to have your translation ready to be printed. Please contact us today.