About Us

Daxinya Translation focuses on business to business translations.  Our mission is to provide global communication services with an emphasis on language translations.  We want to accurately and professionally communicate your business to the world.

Our Office and People

  • Our Office.  Our office is located in Fishers, Indiana which is a suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana.  We are always looking for new projects and partners throughout not only Indianapolis but throughout the United States as well as internationally.
  • Our Project Managers.  Our office is headed up by Jim Cottrell who serves as owner and head project manager.  With 26 years experience in publishing, graphic design, website design and project management for both a pre-press/graphic company and another language translation company, Jim has the know-how to take your project from start to finish, using the best translators while keeping costs down.  Jim also holds a B.S. in Marketing from the IU School of Business.
  • Our Translators.  We have access to thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of experienced, specialized translators.  Our goal is to match up your project with the best translator available.  They need to be specialized in your topic, experienced translating in their native language, be competitively priced, attentive to details, on-time with their delivery, and sensitive to their culture and the needs of our clients.  We want the reader to feel like they are reading an original, not a translation.

Pricing / Policies

One of the common questions we are asked in terms of translation projects, is "how much will it cost?"  There are many different factors that go into the final price including:
  • Is It a Popular Language?  The more popular the language (like Spanish or Chinese), the more choices we have with translators and the better pricing we can offer.  For rare or uncommon languages, the price per word can get a little more expensive.
  • How Many Words?  We offer volume discounts as projects get larger, like tens of thousands of words.  Since our translators can focus on one project for an extended period of time, we can negotiate better pricing for you.  
  • How Soon Do You Need the Translation?  If you need the translation in a hurry, we will need to charge a "rush charge" since the translators and editors will need to work weekends and evenings in order to complete you project.  Our normal turnaround is about 2,000 words per business day.
  • How Technical Is the Text?  If your text is general and not very difficult, it will be cheaper than text which is technical, medical or engineering.  As you might expect, the price increases as the text becomes more specialized.
  • Additional Services?  Normally, our translation prices are for providing the translation in Microsoft Word.  Additional services are offered by voiceover artists, typesetters, website developers, graphic designers and audio/video specialists at an extra charge. 

Confidentiality Agreements

Your information is safe with us.  We have confidentiality agreements with our translators and include a confidentiality clause in the contract we sign with our clients.  If your company has their own confidentiality agreement, we would be happy to review the document and sign those as well.